Shooting Portraits

It is hardly surprising that people are one of the most common subjects of photographs. After all, with the range of emotions that we can express and the variety of different characteristics that we have, you could be taking pictures of people for years and still have every one of them look unique and special. This is why I decided to give you a short walkthrough on what you can do to add even more variety to the portraits you take.

The first advice would be to never be afraid to experiment with the lighting. Human complexion is a rather complex thing (while puns are p(h)unny things) and it can look differently under different lights, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what kind of lighting creates the most flattering, or interesting photo. You can use the light to either accentuate or down tone some of the parts of the face, which can create some interesting effects.

Just like lighting, the angle from which you take the picture can also provide for some interesting shadow play, but has a value of its own. Conventional images where the camera is held approximately at the eye height of the subject are fine, but if you want a different take on the subject, experiment with your camera positioning.

Finally, if you can, try and catch your subject off guard, when they are not posing, but just going about their activities. Posed shots can be interesting as well, but if you manage to catch spontaneity on camera, that usually makes for a much better picture than something that has been planned to the minutest detail.

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